Addicted to the point of perversion

I'm too straight to read het, I need a little more MAN in my porn!

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This journal contains adult content of a sexual nature. Gay Sexual Nature. If that's not what your looking for, go somewhere else. If it is but you're under 18, then I'm not responsible for your ability to lie about your age. For everyone else, welcome to my LJ.

Here you will find much slash, mainly of the Harry/Draco variety, but you may also discover a nugget of other fandoms and pairings that I love buried somewhere in my posts. I update more often on my fanfiction.net account just because I don't have to faff about with format problems over there so for the most up to date stuff, go there. For all NC17 entries, peek here :P

I don't check my f-list but feel free to friend me or whatever and if you want my attention it is best to send me an email at my hotmail address.

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